Celebrating the 32nd Teachers’ Day


Source: School’s Propaganda Department

Translated by: Sun Haihui (Foreign Affairs Office)

  On the 32nd Teachers’ Day, on the afternoon of September 10, 2016, Professor Li Jianjun, the Secretary of Party Committee and Professor Yong Heming, the President of GDUF, sent festive greetings to all teachers on behalf of the Guangdong University of Finance. Professor Ma Longhai, Vice-Secretary of GDUF Party Committee, and Professor Mu Lin, Vice-Secretary of GDUF Party Committee,and Professor Fan Zhongbao and Professor Wang Xingnan, the Presidents of GDUF, attended the event.

  In the event, there were 13 teachers were awarded the Honor of “Excellent Teachers of GDUF” and 3 professors were awarded the honor of “Top Scientific Researcher” and 20,0000 yuan RMB as the bonus. This was the first time school awarded high bonus to the teachers who achieved topest scientific excellences and in order to encourage all staff can achieve more in the field.