A Brief Introduction to GuangdongUniversityof Finance

                                                                                                -----A Cradle for Financial Talents

Guangdong University of Finance, founded in 1950, is a provincial public undergraduate university, the only financial university in theSouth China.

With the approval of the Ministry of education, it was upgraded to an undergraduate university in 2004 and began to enroll the first cohort of undergraduate students. In 2012, the first cohort of students fromHong Kong,Macao,Taiwanand the first cohort of finance major graduate students were admitted. In 2013, the first cohort of foreign students came to study in the university. Cooperating with the University of Nottingham, UK, Ningbo Branch, we began to jointly recruit and cultivate doctoral students in 2016. Since the founding of the institution, the university has trained more than 100 thousand graduates for the society, and won the reputation as the " Cradle for Financial Talents in the South China" and "Guangdong Financial Huangpu Military Academy".

The University consists of two campuses: Guangzhou Campus (Main Campus) and Zhaoqing Campus, occupying an area of 1000mu in total. The main campus locates in Longyandong Tianhe District of Guangzhou, contiguous to South-China Botanical Garden and Zhaoqing campus is right on the side of the beautiful Star-lake. The beautiful campuses are known as the provincial Garden-style units.

The university has a total of 18 departments and colleges, 32 undergraduate majors, including six disciplines like economics, management, law, art, science, and engineering, forming an academic pattern of big financial discipline with Finance the leading major, economics and management as the backbone, law, art, engineering the disciplinary support. Now, the financial discipline is the key discipline inGuangdongProvince, the finance major a characteristic specialty of the Ministry of education, and a number of provincial characteristic and demonstration majors. The number of the full-time students (undergraduate and graduate) reaches more than 21000.

For the time being, the total staff members reach as many as 1300, among whom more than 900 are full-time teachers, including approximately 120 professors and more than 230 teachers with doctor’s degree. In addition, many famous domestic and foreign scholars and professional experts are engaged as guest or honorary professors.

The university adheres to the educational thought of "for the finance, for the community, for the social needs”, sticking to the educational idea of  "finance as the base, educating as the centre, application as the first, innovation as the example," continually improving the school-running quality, performing duties like personnel training, scientific research and social service etc. winning good social reputation.

The university lays lasting emphasis on the domestic and international cooperation and exchange with universities, government departments, and enterprises. Ever since 2009, the university initiated  and established very good communication and joint training cooperation with universities such as the University of West Alabama, the U.S, the University of West England, the U.K, the University of West Australia, and others with very good reputation in the modes of 2+2, 3+1 and 3+2 students exchange of undergraduate and graduate levels. In 2013, the university signed the collaborative agreement with theNottinghamUniversity, the U.K, jointly establishing "Guangdong-Nottingham Advanced Financial Research Institute, jointly launching the high-end financial personnel training, high-end cooperative financial research, and high-end think tank construction. And in 2015, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed with the Financial Research Institute of the People's Bank of China, jointly organizing and holding the  Finance Forum, carrying out research on key financial issues; In 2016, the university signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangdong Rising Assets Management Co. Ltd. (GRAM), setting up the "Guangsheng Principal Collaborative Innovation Incentive Fund”, and collaborating comprehensively in the fields of the personnel training and scientific research.

The goal of the university is to build a state well-known application financial university, the support of the Guangdong Province financial construction, the leader of the regional financial development and the demonstrator of the national finance higher education, striving to build ours the Guangdong University of Finance through 5 to 10 years´effort.